Valley Mills Feed & Hardware provides feed from a variety of suppliers.

GrainsChickenPremium Gold 26/1821% Tub
Cracked Corn16% Game Cock ConditionerLarge Adult Blue 21/1524% Tub
Whole MiloEquineHorse Tub
Crimped Oats10% All Stock SweetSheep and Goat Tub
Whole OatsProStar 12/830% All Natural Tub
Whole WheatProStar 1030/10 Tub
Roasted SoybeanProStar 1420% All Natural Tub
Whole Corn10% Provide20/10 Tub
Chicken14% ProformanceMineral Tub
(25 lb. and 50 lb.)
ProStar 12The "Ultimate" Deer Block
16% Laying CrumblesGood N Sound
16% Laying PelletsStretch
22% Chick Starter
(25 lb. and 50 lb.)
12% ProPlus
28% Game Bird CrumblesProCare Senior Select
Dehydrated Alfalfa PelletsEcono Creep
Alfalfa Cubes20% Cowboy Cubes
Senior PerformanceBeef Builder
Beet PulpGoat/Sheep
East TX All stockKid & Goat
CattleSheep & Lamb
10% Cattle Ration w/ CottonseedMisc.
14% Calling CubesDeer Pellets
20% Breeder Cubes
14% Creep Pellets
16% Pig Grower
Rabbit (25 lb. and 50 lb.)
32% Floating Fish Food
Wild Bird Seed
Complete Cat
Sulfur Block
White Salt Block
Trace Mineral Block
Trace Mineral Bag with EDDi
12% Hy-Pros Mineral Bag
4% All Stock Mineral Bag
Trace Mineral Bag